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In 2009, SADC National Farmers Union Meeting was held in South Africa, Limpopo Province  in which Namibia National Farmers Union (NNFU) and eight other SADC countries also participated. Each country was represented by ten women and from this meeting Rural Women Assembly (RWA) was born. In 2010 RWA mobilised and formed national chapters which Namibia Rural Women Assembly (NRWA) was formed.



To be a non-partisan, inclusive, cohesive, self-sustaining, reliable and prosperous advocacy organisation serving interest of all rural women in Namibia.


To mobilize and empower rural women in Namibia through advocacy, lobbying and networking.


Empower rural women through capacity building, training/workshops and exchange visits.

Mobilise and sensitize rural women about issues affecting their livelihood.

Lobby and advocate for effective and efficient policy implementation for the benefit of rural women.