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What NRWA is doing in the regions.

Mobilisation meetings that took place in Otjozondjupa, //Karas, Hardap region
January - April 2022

Strengthened voice, capacity, visibility and political influence of rural women in Namibia have been one of the key objectives that was achieved over the first quarter. Activities that took place enabled the regions to identify and equip women at local, regional and at constituency level with the necessary information on the importance of NRWA as an organisation. In this way the most successful way that information was shared with the community, is through community mobilisation meetings. Whereby 23 rural constituencies (in 5 regions that have not yet reached 200 paid -up members have been mobilised) and the meetings conducted adds up to 46 as follow: 11 mobilisation meetings for Erongo region, 7 //Karas, 4 Oshikoto, 5 Omusati, 8 Hardap, 1 Kavango west, 9 Oshana and 1 Otjondjonzupa region  adds up to 46 mobilisation meetings conducted  to spearhead NRWA activities and how the movement can be of benefit to  rural women.

Meetings and Workshops
27 January 2022

Namibia rural women’s assembly was invited to attended several meetings which include The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). The workshop was organised by the Council of Churches in Namibia on the 27th January 2022 were all civil society organisation working group on Land Reform ,partnered with Ministry of Agriculture, water and Land reform , ministry of Gender equality , poverty eradication and child welfare, Agri Bank , the traditional and local authority set to review process , in which countries that are members of United Nation aim to empower women at both national and regional level and grassroot , Engagement of rural women on socio economic issues and for all organisations to work on the new legislative and policy framework pertaining to women’s rights since the last report that was written by Ministry of Gender ,poverty Eradication and Child Welfare.

Meetings and Workshops
18 March 2022

In support of project efforts on the on 18th March 2022, NRWA was represented at the first land conference meeting this year which aimed to address the urban and rural land and housing needs in Namibia which is a high priority that contributes to National development agenda .The meeting aimed increase involvement of rural women addressing social-economic issues impacting on rural women, through the development of advocacy agenda based on the blueprint that government would improve and build large numbers of houses in both rural and urban areas of the country as High level committee representatives.

Meetings and Workshops 10-11 March 202​2

The Assembly was invited to attend the change 2 meeting that took place on the 10-11 March 2022 at NIPAM to work on the proposal draft that needed to be submitted. 

Collaborating with other Stakeholders and Supporting organisation • 24 March 2022

On 24 March 2022 NRWA steering committee members signed contracts with GIZ to work as facilitators in their regional constituencies and share information on improved food security and nutrition through a planned meeting that the steering committee member had organised. The Objective of the training is to empower community members to actively engage in agricultural activities and to have knowledge on the importance of eating healthy.

Meetings and Workshops • 8 April 2022

Another successful meeting that NRWA attended this year was the second Land conference workshop that took place at Tabita Centre on 8 April 2022. The workshop highlighted policies that aim to enhance the culture of dialogue and learning between stakeholders in housing land delivery and to advocate for people living in rural areas to be able to acquire a piece of land and to be able to take part in decision-making structures at national and regional governments as platforms for pursuing. By improving visibility NRWA, NDT and Y-FEM TV panel discussion that took place on the 28 April 2022 to discuss on contribution of non-governmental and civil society organisations on what the organisation is about, how it contributes to the sustainable development goals of Namibia and to share some successful activities that the organisation managed to achievement.

NRWA collaborated with the National Institute of democracy (NIP) with the purpose of NIP supporting NRWAs capacity building in civil society and they are currently working towards sighing an MOU if it’s favourable to NRWA.

Training on Roles and Responsibilities

Khomas rural and Erongo conducted financial management training and roles and responsibility for the regional steering committee members whereby a total of 14 committee members were trained in each training. The purpose of the training was to help advance financial and leadership skills to the steering committee in their roles and responsibilities and for them to know their roles in the positions that they are serving on the regional steering committee.

Khomas rural, steering committee attending their financial management and roles and responsibility training at Katutura Youth Centre

Exchange Visit

Oshana rural women organised a trip to Rucanna and Etunda agricultural project in collaboration with Agri Bank and Erongo rural women also organised their exchange visit to Kunene region. The Erongo trip was funded by Ministry of Agriculture and NNFU, with the purpose of enabling the rural women to become empowered and get new knowledge on how they can increase their agricultural production in developing stable livelihoods and food security while identifying modes of increasing their visibility in agri-food sector within their region. The trip also lead to poultry farms, homiculture and also gave them an opportunity to get trained on how they can use organic products to produce their own compost . Both trips address capacity building through trade and policy ensures socio-economic development which is an important component of job creation in rural areas and to improve Namibia’s economic development.

NRWA feminization visit to Kunene

Public Speaking Workshops for North Central Region, Rural Women Agent of Change.

Training of trainees and public speaking workshops were conducted in May for Okongo conservancy, UUkolonkadhi Conservancy, Sheya Shuushona conservancy ,Iipumbu ya Tshilongo and King Nehale conservancy for the conservancy members. The training was meant to promote confidence when speaking in public and for people, for the members of the conservancies to be able to persuade, entertain, and build relationships.