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NRWA Committee Members
NRWA Committee Members

Constituency Mobilization Meetings.

Between September 2021 – February 2022, 30 constituency mobilization meetings were conducted in 10 regions thus reaching 1280 rural women despite COVID19 restrictions. The 10 regions included: Khomas (which has just come on board), Erongo, Hardap, //Karas, Kavango East, Kavango West, Omaheke, etc. During these meetings, women were sensitized about NRWA, the importance of becoming a member of NRWA, issues of human rights and gender-based violence, food security, etc. Also, in some regions like Erongo, Hardap and //Karas women put constituency committees in place. As a result of these mobilization meetings 650 new members joined NRWA thus bringing the total of paid-up members to 2650.

Scenes from the training workshop on policy advocacy skills.

Exchange Visits.

Erongo, Kunene, Omaheke and Otjozondjupa joint event.

From the 06th – 09th December 2021, 77 rural women from four regions (Erongo, Kunene, Otjozondjupa and Omaheke) converged at Okakarara, Otjozondjupa region for joint event on value chain food processing. Some of the objectives of this joint event were to understand and unlock agricultural value chains so that the returns to women are maximized while strengthening rural women ‘s voice , leadership and teaching each other ways of adding value to food locally produced by women themselves. During this four-day event, women were taught by some of their peers how they can add value on the food they produce locally. This included learning how to make mince and boerewors from meat, making spice from onions, jam from tomatoes, how to make mayonnaise from eggs. As an outcome of this event, women came up with an action plan highlighting some of the following as way forward:
– The four regions should register with Namibia Agronomic Board as producers and clusters the women in groups of producers to be able to produce more and supply to the schools, local store, etc.
– Need to source for seeds to give the producers to start with production.
– Work on the business plan on what women are going to start producing processing and packing in the name of NRWA.
– The event should be hosted annually hosted on a rotational basis, so the next region will be Kunene in Epupa Constituency May 2022.
– Taking the women on exposure visit to Etunda Agriculture Farm

Scenes from the training workshop on organizational development.

Training Workshop On Organizational Development.

Group work during the organizational development workshop – March 2017.

In March 2017, a three day workshop on organizational development was conducted by NDT. It was attended by 30 NRWA representatives from all the 14 regions. The aim of this workshop was to look at the overall purpose, government structure of NRWA. The Deputy Minister of MGECW (Hon. Lucia Witbooi) officially launched the project. This workshop helped NRWA to for develop its vision statement, mission statement and organizational objectives.