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NRWA Master Trainers received certificates of completion.

09th – 13th April 2019 a five day workshop was carried out as a way to strengthen the voice of rural women and increase their visibility 7 women was recruited through a competitive process to be

trained as master trainers, so that they could be deployed in the regions to train other women who could also sensitize and mobilize more members. The Master Training Programme focused on the development of three core skills:

• Training/facilitation

• Community engagement; and

• Managing a small organisation.


A glance at the regional trainings for constituency focal persons – 2019

The NRWA Master Trainers were dispatched to their respective regions to train the rural women at constituency level who again could go back to their respective areas to sensitize and mobilize more women to join NRWA. So thirty-five rural constituencies were identified in the 6 regions (Erongo, Omusati, Oshana, Kavango East, Oshikoto and Otjozondjupa) from which each constituency had to delegate two capable paid-up members to the regional trainings. Between June and September 2019, a total of 6 regional workshops were conducted and 69 rural women were trained. The 69 women were trained in raising awareness on human rights especially women’s rights, sensitizing others about NRWA and mobilizing more members, assessing the food security and advocacy issues affecting rural women in their respective constituencies. During the training, the following were highlighted by the trainees as some of the main issues faced by rural women, which can be used as advocacy agenda points.

• Lack of access to land
• Gender based violence
• High unemployment rate
• Removal of Grade 10 from combined schools thus leading to school dropouts and teenage pregnancy
• Alcohol abuse by women
• Drought
• Rape and passion killings
• Divorce
• Lack of skills development



After the constituency focal meetings it was agreed that each region should hold a post training meeting where trainees could give feedback on the discussions they had with the women at grassroots level and two feedback meetings were held in north central and Otjozondjupa regions.

The meeting in north central took place on the 07 th – 08 th October 2019 at Elrcn Centre, Ongwendiva. The meeting catered for three regions that had piloted constituency level training in north central and these included Omusati, Oshana and Oshikoto. The meeting was co-facilitated by NDT and NRWA regional focal persons and it was attended by 92 rural women of whom 4% were 18 -35 years, 34% (36-49 years), 39% (50- 60 years) and 23% (61- & above). During the meeting, trained constituency focal persons gave feedback on the activities they had carried out in their respective constituencies. In total activities which included 57 meetings were carried out in 23 constituencies and were attended by 928 rural women.

The Otjozondjupa regional feedback meeting took place on the 21 st November 2019 at Okakarara Youth Centre and was attended by 14 women from 3 constituencies, which included: Okahandja, Grootfontein and Okakarara. Eight (8) meetings were conducted and these were attended by 179 women.Both meetings highlighted some of the following as issues affecting rural women in their regions:

North central regional meetingOtjozondjupa region meeting
1) Domestic violence
1) Disowning of widows of their inheritance
2) Removal of Grade 10 from combined schools, Unemployment
2) Domestic violence
3) Lack of representation of rural women on regional and national government structures
3) Alcohol and drug abuse
4) Drought
4) Unemployment
5) Alcohol abuse
5) School drop outs
 6) Low literacy rate
 7) Lack of proper communication with members
8) Theft of livestock was highlighted as the biggest